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Preset Views

Let’s take a look at the preset views at the top of our dashboard.

Status View

The status view is your most broad view, breaking everything down into four major columns.


The New column is where any custom requests from customers will come in, or it’s where you, on the staff side, can start to make a custom project.

Quoted or In Preparation

If you’re selling products, the next column will say quoted. If you’re not using the software to help sell products, then this column will read in preparation. In either case, this is where projects wait to get the green light from your customers or end users.


The next column is a list of every project in production. By default, the most recently moved project will appear at the top, while the projects that have been in production the longest will appear at the bottom. Also, because these are currently in production, you'll notice additional icons for things like the due date, the number of parts that are printing, and the number of parts that have completed printing and are now counted.


Finally, there’s your completed column, where projects wait to be archived, or where they can remain indefinitely.

Great, so status is your big picture view of everything, often used by the front office folks like sales, customer service, bookkeepers, etc. Next, let’s dive into some more customized production presets and filters that can help your team get products manufactured and out the door quickly and efficiently.

Production View

The basic production view shows all of your projects that in production. By default, they are arranged from newest to oldest, based on the moment the project was moved into production.

Calendar View

The calendar view will sort your projects by their due date, giving you a column for each day.

Only items in production status will be shown here.


The materials view will sort your projects by the material that's needed. Note that if a project contains multiple materials, you'll see the same project show up in multiple columns.

Only items in production status will be shown here.

Machines View

The machines view will sort your pojects by the machines that's needed. Similar to materials, if a project requires different machines, you'll see the same project show up in multiple columns.

Only items in production status will be shown here.


The assigned view will show you projects that have been assigned to you, and they will be grouped by the specific role you've been given.

Items from any status (New, Quoted, In Production, Completed) will be shown here.

Abandoned Carts

Abandoned carts will show any projects where your outside users (not your team on the staff side) started to make a custom project, but then they left without purchasing it or submitting it for review. Generally this is used as a sales tool.