This kit includes all parts needed to assemble a full face shield - a transparent sheet, rubber band, and the 3D-printed parts.


We also offer higher quality face shields with clearer and sturdier visors for the same price, but at the moment can only offer these to medical staff due to worldwide material shortages. Contact us directly for more information.

Basic Face Shield Kit

  • These face shields come as kits that can quickly be assembled:

    1. Use a standard US 3-hole punch centered along the long edge of the transparent sheet. You can now attach the sheet to the 3 nubs on the main headband frame.

    2. Slide the smaller 3D-printed part onto the transparent sheet on the opposite side of the holes. This should make the trasparent sheet more curved and rigid.

    3. Use the rubber band with the two hooks on the ends of the face shield frame to wear the face shield.

  • All parts should be disinfected before use. You can find a detailed write-up on best practices here: